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eBike Conversion Kits built for...
Commuting Mountain Biking Everyday use

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250 Watt Conversion Kit
36 Volt
7ah/12ah Battery

1500 Watt Conversion Kit
52 Volt
17ah Battery

ECO Friendly

Renewable Energy

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Stay fit and healthy

VANDERVOLT is Invested in helping to shape the future, a cleaner, eco-friendly, active future built on the foundations of sustainable energy and positive lifestyle choices. VANDERVOLT’s vision is to get people outside and exploring the outdoors.

VVV R-Line - 1500Watt - Dicardiva

Dubbed “apocalyse-proof” the VVV R-line has been meticulously designed to withstand the rigours commonly associated with mountain biking. The high intensity, double wall rim provides extra strength during spirited rides, offering unapparelled performance. A wider rim allows riders to explore a wider range of tyres to ultimately enhance grip under difficult terrain  
– Double wall 
– Eyelets spoke holes 
– Welded joint  
-26” 27.5” 29”

250W Lancelot

Dubbed “Law abiding citizen” The 250w motor packs a punch, providing more than enough power to assist you up the steepest of hills. Choose between the smaller 7ah bottle battery for a ‘stealth’ look and the larger 12.5ah downtube battery. Perfect for commuting or exploring trails and conforms with all legal laws “Law abiding citizen”
– Double wall 
– Eyelets spoke holes 
-Welded joint  
-26” 27.5” 29”