Safety Tips for Riding Your E-Bike This Summer

Safety Tips for Riding Your E-Bike This Summer

With the rise in popularity of electric bikes and the warmer weather pushing people to be outside, it is essential to understand and know how to keep yourself safe when operating one of these vehicles. Whenever you get onto your bike, you should consider the best ways to protect yourself and those around you. No matter where you are in the world, e-bikes are subject to rules and regulations and this is something that all riders agree to when purchasing them. Following these rules as well as safety precautions ensures that the rider and others are protected and everyone can enjoy their riding experience. Here are some tips from VanderVolt to help you stay safe this summer. 

Wear a helmet

Although this may sound like an obvious tip, it is surprising how many riders opt to not wear one when they operate their e-bikes. A recent study conducted by journalist Alex Bowden, showed that out of 3,567 people who said they were interested in purchasing an e-bike, only 12% said they would purchase a helmet, even if it was compulsory. 

Wearing a helmet can protect your head from serious falls or injuries and are a smart purchase for any rider who wants to ride their e-bike safely. 

Wear appropriate footwear

Make sure, when you take your e-bike out for a ride, that you are wearing safe and comfortable footwear. The kinds of footwear that should be avoided when operating this vehicle are any kind of shoe that can easily come off, such as a flip-flop or loose sandal.

Another key trait to look out for in footwear is any loose or dangling parts. Make sure that all shoelaces are tied so as not to get caught in any of the chains or spokes. Protecting your feet is critical as this lets you operate the bike safely and securely. 

Be aware

Just like when operating a car, riders need to be aware of their surroundings and others at all times. When coming up to other bikers, drivers, or pedestrians, use your horn, bell, or signal to them verbally that you are approaching. Ensure you are giving others as much notice as you can in order to navigate around them. 

Being aware of your surroundings is important, but it is also important to ensure that others are aware of you. Take the proper precautions to ensure that you are as visible as possible to allow others to be able to properly orient themselves accordingly. VanderVolt’s Scramblers come with front headlights, rear tail lights and indicators to ensure riders have visibility in all areas and are always visible. 

Stay hydrated

The UK summer heat has definitely arrived so, when venturing outside, ensure you have lots of water handy to keep yourself hydrated. It might not be obvious at first, but the heat can affect your ability to focus. Hydrating yourself consistently throughout your journey will allow you to refuel your energy and cover longer distances for extended periods.

During the summer months, riders lose lots of potassium and electrolytes. The most efficient way to regain these electrolytes is through beverages that are high in these minerals. Keep some form of hydration on you at all times when operating your VanderVolt e-bike this summer.

Protect your battery

As discussed in another blog on our website, How to Protect Your E-Bike Battery in the Heat, direct sunlight can cause harm to your battery, so protecting it from the heat is of the utmost importance before you set out on a ride. 

Taking care of yourself, your bike, and others around you are the responsibilities that come with operating any type of motorised vehicle. Whilst riding your e-bike in the warm weather can be a fun and enjoyable experience, it needs to be done with care and consideration. Luckily, VanderVolt e-bikes lead the way in market-leading safety measures; headlights, indicators, brake lights, horns and an integrated lock all add to a new take on cycling and give riders a new and elevated way of riding electric bikes. Head to our website to get your Scrambler just in time for summer!