Frequently Asked Qusestions

How to tell what size bike wheel I have

The first step is to look at your bike and locate the size information on the tires. This will be a number followed by “x”, with the x representing the width of your tire in millimeters. For example, a common mountain bike size is 26×2.1, meaning its a 26″ tyre. If you have a tyre which measures 700c, you will need to opt for the 29″ wheel.

How do I fit my fit?

If you would like help fitting your eBike kit, please refer to our ‘How To Fit’ video or use the instruction manual which comes with all our kits.

How heavy will my bike be after the fit is fitted?

Ebikes vary in weight, but they are typically heavier than traditional bikes. This is due to the added weight of the motor and battery. Ebikes can range from 10kg to over 20kg depending on what accessories you choose to have such as panniers and racks.

Can I use my Electric Bike Conversion kit in the rain

Both of the 250w and 1500w kits are waterproof, however it is not recommended to ride in very heavy rain or leave your kit out in the rain as they are likely to deteriorate faster over time.

Can I use the throttle and PAS together?

Yes, when the PAS and throttle are set up they can be used simultaneously.

Does the Throttle and PAS have to be fitted together or can I choose which one I'd like?

No, you don’t have to fit the PAS and throttle together, they will work separately, it is completely up to you which one you’d prefer.

Can I remove the battery to charge it?

The batteries can be taken off the bikes using the key provided with the kit, they simply slide off and on when you require.

Can I fit the kit to any bike?

The kits will fit to most bikes depending n what wheel size you have and your brake set up.

We stock our 250w kits for 26, 27.5 and 29″ wheels with both disc brakes and v-brakes, whilst our 1500w and 3000w kits require disc brakes due to the performance.