Have you experienced thrill, the type which forces an ear-to-ear smile? The push of a throttle as you enter a new unexplored, untouched world of pure adrenaline. A near-silent motor thrusting through the forest, while your heart races as your hands anxiously grip the handlebars, hoping, praying that your tyres keep traction. Your worries forgotten, your adrenaline pumping, you’re powered by electricity. 52 Volts of unaltered fun. The DICARDIVA 1500w eBike kit is thrilling, frighteningly fast, and to the point I argue that this bike or rather marvelous concoction, no longer belongs in the realm of a conventional bicycle. It’s simply motorcycle territory. This off-road eBike conversion kit is simply a hoon to ride. One go is all it takes to convince you otherwise. 

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